Binder Kit Basics

Organized-ish Binder Kits are printable planning and record-keeping kits to help you organize your home and life. Your planners are delivered immediately after purchase and available for download and printing right from your home computer.

No, these binder kits help you plan specific things like parties, travel, moving houses, renovations, holidays, and so much more. They also help you keep track of all the home and family info you may need in an emergency. Organized-ish Binder Kits are not calendar planners.

No, the Binder Kits are only available as a PDF document and do not allow for editing. However, each Kit does come with some blank pages for any topic that may require personalization. You also get each Kit in three different color schemes to suit your preferences and printing needs.

Due to the fact that all kits are digital downloads, we do NOT offer refunds. All sales are final, so please keep this in mind when shopping. 

If you are having trouble with accessing your downloads or how to use them, we are happy to help you troubleshoot. Just shoot us an email via our contact page.

All Access Membership

The Forever All-Access Membership gives you access to every single Organized-ish Binder Kit we have available now, along with every single Binder Kit we release in the future. A new Binder Kit is released seasonally, along with special bonus additions, so you save a ton of money with the membership.

Nope, currently our Forever All-Access Membership is a one-time fee and you'll never be charged again. Should we ever change the program to an annual renewal fee, you would be grandfathered into the Forever All-Access Membership and would not be required to make subscription payments. We value our members and will never change your plan. Promise.

Yes! Inside your download packet are instructions for upgrading to a Forever All-Access Membership.

Absolutely! We love your suggestions and are always working on new Binder Kit ideas. Send your suggestions here and they'll land right in our Kit creator's inbox.

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