Setup Guide

organized-ish binder kit setup guides

How To Download Your New Organized-ish Binder Kit

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a PDF to download with the title of the Kit you chose. If you bought multiple Kits, you will receive one PDF for each individual Kit.

Open that PDF document and you will see a list of five links. The first link says "Download Planner" (or "Access Membership" if you are a Forever Member). When you click that link, you will open a web page to a Google Drive Folder containing both the Rainbow and Grayscale version of the Kit you purchased. You can download or print the color option you prefer from that page.

*You do not need a Google account to access this folder.

Printing Tips

Most Organized-ish Binder Kit owners prefer to print their Kits at home. All Kits are optimized for standard 8.5x11 printer paper and basic ink cartridges.

Alternatively, you may choose to have your Kits printed at a local office supply store or print shop.

The recommended paper weight is standard 20lb copy paper for most kits, but we suggest using a slightly heavier/thicker paper for the Essential Home Management Binder Collection. (Home, Family, Finance, Emergency) These four are your most important kits and serve as a portable filing cabinet for referencing during emergencies and monthly maintenance, so a better quality paper is better.

Printing Multiples Of One Page

All Organized-ish Binder Kits come with one page template each, and there will be times when you'll want more than one copy of that page. (For example, calendars, contact lists, and shopping lists)

To print multiple copies of one single page, in the Print Settings, change the button from "Print All" to "Pages # to #". Insert the page number you want to print in both # boxes and enter the quantity you want to print.

Binding Tips

Organized-ish Binder Kits are made to be stored inside a standard three-ring binder, but you can store yours however you'd like. Some people prefer hinged folders, and others prefer scrapbooks.

You can either punch holes in the pages and put them directly into your binder, or you can slide them into plastic sheet protectors.

We recommend storing the four Kits from the Essential Home Management Collection in one binder together and keeping it in a central location of your home for easy access for all family members in case of emergency.

If you get a large enough binder, you can store many Kits all together, separated by tabbed dividers.

Pen Tips

Ballpoint pens are recommended for filling out the pages in your Organized-ish Binder Kit. Gel-based pens can bleed through your paper and smear, and pencils can fade or transfer onto the page on top of it.

Our favorite pens are these Sharpie Pens, which are different from Fine Point Sharpie Markers. Sharpie Pens don't bleed or smear, and come in a good variety of colors.

And if you're a frequent mistake maker (we feel you!) these erasable pens are really great, too.

Upgrading Your Purchase

If you purchased a single Organized-ish Binder Kit and love what you see, you can upgrade to an All Access Forever Membership and get access to all Kits we currently offer, as well as all future kits, for a one-time price.

And even better, you can deduct the amount you spent on your single kit from the membership price. Inside your welcome document you'll see a discount coupon that will remove the amount you paid from the Membership price.

*Only one coupon may be used during a Membership Upgrade. If you bought multiple Kits during your purchase and would like to apply the entire amount towards a membership upgrade, please contact us here and we can help with that.