Home Decluttering Planner

Home Decluttering Planner

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With this home decluttering planner, your personal purging style is the only one that matters. Start with a clutter evaluation scale, then choose one of three step-by-step game plans. Finally, track everything with donation and resale logs, contacts, and box labels. There are multiple ways to declutter, but only one to make it last.

17 Pages Including:

  • Instructions
  • Current Clutter Evaluation
  • How To Purge Like A Pro
  • Purging Checklists
  • Game Plan By Room
  • Game Plan By Category
  • Game Plan By Priority
  • Donation Drop-Off List
  • Item Sale Log
  • Purging Contacts
  • Box Labels

This is a digital product and no physical pages will be shipped. Buyer has access to digital copies for personal use only and may not resell. All Organized-ish Binder Kits are in US Standard Paper size and can be printed in either color or grayscale from a home printer.