Kids Financial Planner

Kids Financial Planner

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Teach your kids how to budget and save with this beginner’s guide to money management. With fun coloring trackers, easy-to-understand budget sheets, and a helpful dictionary in layman’s terms, your little future organizer will be well on their way to blowing less money on V-Bucks and instead putting it away for the new XBox.

8 Pages Including:

  • Budget Tutorial
  • Money Manager
  • Savings Tracker
  • Debt Tracker
  • $100 Savings Challenge
  • Financial Dictionary
  • "Spend", "Save", & "Share" Envelope Labels

This is a digital product and no physical pages will be shipped. Buyer has access to digital copies for personal use only and may not resell. All Organized-ish Binder Kits are in US Standard Paper size and can be printed in either color or grayscale from a home printer.