Spring Cleaning Planner

Spring Cleaning Planner

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If you think spring cleaning works best in one go, you’re being too hard on yourself. This spring cleaning planner starts with a detailed 10-step timeline and has supply checklists for each room. It gives you enough structure to stay on track, but enough flexibility to enjoy both the process and results.

20 Pages Including:

  • Spring Cleaning Timeline
  • Cleaning Supply Checklist
  • Bedroom Checklist
  • Bathroom Checklist
  • 2 Kitchen Checklists
  • Dining Room Checklist
  • Living Room Checklist
  • Entryway Checklist
  • Laundry Room Checklist
  • Kid Spaces Checklist
  • Home Office Checklist
  • Home Gym Checklist
  • Garage, Attic, & Shed Checklist
  • Home Exterior & Yard Checklist
  • 2 Fill-in-the-Blank Checklist
  • Online & In-Store Shopping Lists
  • Reminders For Next Year

This is a digital product and no physical pages will be shipped. Buyer has access to digital copies for personal use only and may not resell. All Organized-ish Binder Kits are in US Standard Paper size and can be printed in either color or grayscale from a home printer.